Matson Performance Group (MPG) is a distributor of high performance, premium products as well as manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art lubrication technology equipment.
Our company offers design, assembly, sales, marketing and distribution capabilities and is headquartered in North Georgia.

For the trucking industry MPG is proud to offer the most advanced lubrication program controlled by the most advanced Electronic Logging Device....the GeoWiz Pro.
Featuring MPG SMARTSTAR™ precision fuel additive dosing device and Texas Refinery Corp’s high performance lubricants.
All backed and supported by the TRC Lab Oil Analysis Program integrated automatically into the maintenance program of the GeoWiz Pro.


The Aeris IoT (Internet of Things) Services platform is being used by GeoSpace Labs and its Geowiz PRO, a telematics solution designed to create and transmit electronic hours of service logs, and so much more, for transportation companies of all sizes.

We offer a complete system tailored specifically for the transportation industry. Our unmatched automation and technology reduces fuel cost, extends intervals between oil changes, and protects equipment all while lowering emissions.


All integrated automatically into Geo Space Labs maintenance software to keep you safe and profitable on the road!

Featuring Texas Refinery Corporation
High Performance Lubricants

Lower fuel and maintenance costs directly
translates to higher profitability

ELD-Integrated High Tech System

Geowiz PRO is ELD compliant hardware and software built to work together to provide seamless functionality alongside unsurpassed support and service. All for one of the lowest costs in the market at $17 a month subscription that includes the ELD hardware. The hardware is a single box that we manufacture, so no cables and different vendors pointing fingers at each other. While offering a wide breadth of functionality, Geowiz does not have pricing tiers or upsell strategies, the product is one flat price and customers may use whichever features are most beneficial to them including many non-ELD features.

Read more about GeoSpace Labs here.

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Further, the Geowiz ELD system is built and engineered as a single system from ECU plugin hardware and firmware to mobile device software, so service is provided with a single touch point and there are not multiple vendors pointing fingers at each other during the support resolution process. The modem connects to 6 pin or 9 pin ECU and can talk j1939 and j1708, so you can support your entire fleet using the same great functionality. The Geowiz software runs on any modern Android or Apple mobile device, so BYOD or buy new, whichever fits your current operating model.

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