Industries that benefit from using our products

The trucking industry benefits by protecting the equipment and lowering fuel costs.
Lowering transportation costs and reducing pollutants, directly affects the economy.

Manufacturing and Industrialwhere machine performance and productivity directly impact the bottom line.
Our products are  designed To Optimize Your Machine’s Performance!

High performance cars
perform best with high performance greases and lubricants.
When seconds count you can count on MPG to boost your performance!

Heavy equipment works hard and it is important to use quality greases and lubrication.
Taking care of heavy equipment means less time getting serviced and more time being profitable.

Great for both work and recreational watercraft.
Protect your investment by using our products.

A fleet of 20 trucks with a net savings of 10% on fuel and repairs can pay each of the drivers an
additional $903.62 per month and add $1,084,347.01 to their bottom line in five years.

Agriculture Industry

Let Our Products Help You Stay On Schedule: We understand how important it is to your livelihood to keep your equipment running at it’s best. When days off due to mechanical failure can mean devastation to your profits, you must minimize the risk for these situations to occur. Make sure planting, harvesting, and all the other jobs that keep you going are on schedule with our trusted products.


Fleet Owners

Taking Protection on a Route Beyond The Norm: It’s simple if your companies trucks or fleet vehicles are not on the road you are losing money. Texas Refinery Corp offers a wide variety of quality industrial products for the Transportation & Trucking Industry.


Landscaping & Golf Courses

Designed To Endure Your Day-to-day: Your equipment must endure the extreme conditions of the landscaping and golf course industry’s day-to-day needs, otherwise your profitability is in question. The constant high moisture and vibration creates a brutal environment for your greases. Let our products make your life easier through longer life and less downtime.


Designed To Optimize Your Machine’s Performance:

There are few industries where machine performance and productivity directly impact the bottom line as much as industrial & manufacturing. This is why we devoted the time and money to create some of the best lubricants on the market. Our products are perfect for the highly scrutinized industry that demands quality.



Built For The Harsh Conditions Of Your Industry: The extreme conditions of the mining industry requires a lot from your team and your equipment alike. Our premium quality products are designed to maximize uptime in the harshest of conditions. If you need greases and gear oils that will enable your equipment power through the job, look no further.