By exactly determining your needs, Matson Performance Group can recommend a total lubrication program that will save you substantial overhead costs by reducing your overall fuel, lubrication and maintenance expenses.
The first and most important concept relating to ROI on Texas Refinery Lubricants is that the cost of the actual grease or oil is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the total cost of lubrication.

Handy Guide to Understanding Engine Oil Analysis

What makes up the total cost of lubrication?

You must add:
  • Cost of the lubricant
  • Service frequency (how often is greasing done or is the oil changed)
  • Cost of labor to perform routine service
  • Length of sacrificial part life (how long do replaceable parts last with the current lubricant)
  • Cost of the labor to replace sacrificial parts when they need it
  • Cost of standard downtime for scheduled lubrication or scheduled parts replacement
  • Cost of emergency or unscheduled downtime in both labor to perform it and lost productivity
  • Impact of lubricants on energy usage (either burning fuels or electricity)
  • Factor in concepts like reliability, overall productivity or up time, competitiveness, better utilization of labor ...
    all very important concepts to those who manage today's intensely competitive businesses and municipalities.

Texas Refinery has developed a detailed method of testing to determine accurately and efficiently the drain interval for lubricants. We have made submitting samples for testing in the TRC's Laboratory Oil Analysis program as simple as possible. Everything that you need to submit a sample is included in the LOA Kit. This program, coupled with the use of TRC's high performance lubricants, is sure to improve your lubricant drain intervals dramatically. State of the art equipment and methods, including Inductivity Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrophotometry for metallic elements and Fournier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Analysis for molecular analysis of used lubricants, coupled with a retained Trend History for each piece of equipment insures maximum lubricant performance and fluid cleanliness.

The Texas Refinery TRAPP Program provides the opportunity to save money through maximum lubricant life while protecting your equipment.


  • Reliable monitoring of high fluid cleanliness
  • Early warning of impending machine failures
  • Early notice of changing lubricant properties
  • Longest life from your lubricants
  • Allows proactive maintenance program
  • Takes the guesswork out of lubricant management
  • Reduces oil consumption and oil disposal costs
  • Increases the reliability of your lubrication program

Matson Performance Group is justifiably proud of its reputation for unmatched support and service to its customers. For over 95 years, loyal customers have been relying on the experts at TRC to help them optimize total lubrication related expense and profits by improving their overall lubrication program. Whether they own one truck or manage 2,000 ... run an auto repair shop, a huge mining operation or a city water treatment plant, they know they can rely on the personalized service they receive from the home office sales and technical staff and their local field service representative.

  • A preventative maintenance system that identifies trouble spots and high cost areas
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime helps prevent idle manpower and overtime...increases reliability of meeting production
  • Simplified system of controls for record keeping and application... minimizes time spent with OEM manuals
  • Reduces machine replacement parts and extends useful life of equipment
  • Reduces purchasing costs through product consolidation/fewer number of lubricants, fewer purchase orders and smaller inventories
  • Reduces the possibility of misapplication because of complete instructions on type, method and frequency of lubrication ...insures equipment is properly lubricated
  • Program is updated on a regular basis by the Texas Refinery Field Service Representative

Handy Guide to Understanding
Engine Oil Analysis

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