DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT is a multi-functional fuel additive. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT’s unique chemistry allows users to match treat ratios to conditions and performance requirements. As winter conditions, fuel quality and equipment needs change from region to region, it’s extremely important to be able to adjust treat ratios for your individual equipment demands.
DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT’s Advanced Additive Technology is designed to help keep fuel flowing smoothly when temperatures drop. If the fuel should cloud or if it should gel when temperatures drop, equipment can come to an abrupt – – and expensive – – standstill.


Reduces Clogging Of Fuel Systems

Fuel systems which once specified 25 micron filters now specify 10 micron filters or less. Filters can become clogged when temperatures drop and cloud points are reached.
The Cloud Point is the temperature of fuel at which solid wax materializes. With tighter filter restrictions, this is more critical than Pour Point, as it is reached at a higher temperature. In many units, when the Cloud Point is reached, plugging of fuel filters occurs and equipment fails. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT dramatically lowers the Cloud Point and Pour Point of Diesel Fuel and Fuel Oils to allow fuel to flow at cold temperatures.


Retards Wax Formation

DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT controls wax crystals through its unique Advanced Additive Technology. By modifying the size and shape of wax crystals, DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT keeps wax crystals from combining with one another to form a gel. This helps fuel flow and equipment operate in severe weather conditions.


Reduces Gum and Varnish Build-Up

A growing problem with todays’ fuel is oxidation. Oxidation of fuel results in gum and varnish build-up within a fuel system. This gum and varnish build-up leads to clogging of fuel lines, filters, injector nozzles, and results in poor spray patterns. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT with Advanced Additive Technology helps keep fuel thermally stable and refinery fresh.


Fuel Burns Efficiently

A common winter practice is to blend #2 Diesel Fuel with kerosene, alcohol, or harmful solvents in an attempt to winterize fuel. When these are added to the diesel fuel, it burns quicker, hotter and drier. Such a mixture greatly reduces the fuel’s natural lubricant and greatly reduces the fuel efficiency and economy. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT is the safe way to keep equipment up and running.

DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT contains no harmful ingredients and is suitable for use in all types of Diesel and is even recommended for Bio-Diesel blends of B-2 through B-20. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT is formulated to allow fuel to burn at its optimum performance level.


Easy To Use

For best results, DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT should be added to the storage tank before adding the fuel. As the fuel is added, it will readily mix the DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT with the fuel. The same method can be used when adding DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT to fuel tanks. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT must be added to diesel fuel before the fuel has reached its cloud point. The fuel must be free of wax crystals at the time it is treated for effective winterizing of the fuel.


Multi-Treat Rates

At the treat level or performance package desired, DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT keeps fuel flowing freely at lower temperatures than if untreated. Downtime due to fuel gelling can be avoided and fuel will be utilized in an efficient manner. DZL-PEP ARCTIC W/AAT provides increased performance and can be expected to keep equipment doing its job.