Our Products Protect Equipment and Environment

A properly maintained vehicle, along with immaculate maintenance records, is substantially more valuable at resale.

Many men and women dream of making their living on the open road, only to have their dream shattered with unexpected major repairs on their purchase of a used, poorly maintained tractor.

No wonder the industry has a shortage of drivers.

Many trucking companies lease or purchase new vehicles and  run them hard until just before the warranty runs out.
By then, the damage has been done and will rear its ugly head for years to come for subsequent owners.
By using our methods, those same companies could pay off those vehicles and continue to use them for years – without a note payment!

When they do upgrade, they will be giving the next owner, an individual or small company, a fair opportunity to grow and make a good living.

When you understand that planned obsolescence is engineered into these vehicles and the major lubricant products, it becomes easier to embrace our program.

Matson Performance Group has spent more than a decade researching and developing a system and program to preserve and enhance performance of tractor trailers.

By utilizing our products and methods you will extend the life of your equipment while lowering fuel, lubrication, repair and maintenance costs.

Geo Wiz Pro ELD will monitor the system and provide undisputable records to consistently prove these claims.

Our sincere intent is to help facilitate positive changes in the trucking industry that will have a ripple effect through the economy.

An example – standard greasing practice is to add a tube of grease to the fifth wheel and another pound or so for all the other Zerk fittings every month.

Where does that grease go?
According to Environmental Protection Online, 100 million pounds of grease is deposited directly on our roads and highways every year from fifth wheels alone.  
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Additionally, due to leaking seals and gaskets, 155 million pounds of oil and other lubricants are leaking unnecessarily because of low quality lubricants. 

It would be impossible to calculate the actual price we ALL pay, in one way or another, for the accidents caused and extra road maintenance required from untold millions of gallons of low quality lubricants polluting our world.

Consider the negative impact on our environment - 255 million pounds of low quality petroleum products finding their way into our ground water table every year in the United States alone.


TEXAS REFINERY CORP has a long history of developing and manufacturing premium maintenance products with one thought in mind.. unprecedented quality for our customers. Texas Refinery Corp understands that protecting your investment is paramount, and offering solutions to achieve this is what we do, and have done since 1922.


TRC’s Paragon 3000, award winning grease, lasts much longer than main stream products.

With tremendous anti-wear protection and passing an industry leading 100 lb. Timken OK Load test,
PARAGON® 3000 will stay put and lubricate more than 4x longer than the average grease.

All TRC’s products have additives to prevent seal and gasket failure.        

The oil and fuel additive chemistry keep the engine clean and free of varnish. Rings stay seated and blow-by is minimized.  Harmful emissions and oil consumption are reduced and fuel mileage increases.
Take the guesswork out of extended oil drain cycles by utilizing TRC’s oil analysis program.

This step is a vital component of any high performance lubrication program.

We contract with Wear Check USA with the reports going directly into the maintenance program of our Geo Wiz Pro ELD.

We offer this service, as part of our complete program, at no charge.

Click to download our Handy Guide to Better Understanding Engine Oil Analysis

Fuel Improvers

DZL-PEP w/AAT or DZL-PEP ARCTIC with AAT (protects to-35 ͦ )
When looking at the Diesel Fuel Industry today, you can only see a glimpse of what it was a decade ago. Changes in diesel engine designs, driven by increased EPA regulations, have caused critical issues for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and the operators of diesel engines.

  • Helps Reduce IDID (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits)
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Reduces Smoke
  • Reduces DEF consumption and re-gen cycles
  • Adds to Fuels Stability
  • Helps Neutralize Acids
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Protects Fuel from Oxidation at High Temperatures
  • Restores Lost Horsepower
  • Controls Gum/Varnish Formation
  • Adds Lubricity, Exceeding OEM Recommendations
  • Meets Federal Low Sulfur Requirements
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Removes/Prevents Injector Tip Deposits
  • Water Demulsification
  • Reduces Wear In Fuel Pumps

Fleet owners know the benefits of using fuel improvers. However, it is impractical to expect their drivers to consistently and accurately add it every time they fuel. With necessity being the mother of invention, MPG designed the most durable and accurate fuel additive dosing device on the market:

Horizontal or vertical mount

This precision device will automatically dispense fuel additive to the main fuel tanks every time the truck is fueled.
In addition, as part of our complete lubrication system, the device will treat your reefer tank.

    SMARTSTAR™ features:

  • 14 Gauge TIG Welded All Stainless Steel Construction
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  • Accurate within ± 0.1 %

  • Automatic heater to ensure you have critical protection when you need it most
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  • Easy installation
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  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
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  • Double filtration
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  • Programmable mix ratios
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  • Electro polished – durable chrome like finish that requires no maintenance and looks great from now on
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  • Reefer tank dosing option with thermostatically controlled heated lines

  • Lifetime warranty, 5-year unlimited

  • Lockable

  • Additive level monitoring

  • Syphon proof

The system is connected to Internet of Things (IoT), exclusively through the most advance telematics Electronic Log Device (ELD), Geo Wiz Pro. Important features beyond the meticulous record keeping include Driver Analytics.

TRC’s fuel improvers help the engine to produce substantially more power. Professional driving habits produce the largest gains in fuel economy. If a driver is abusing the equipment by constantly over accelerating and braking, those habits are easily identified with a glance at the graph produced by the system software. Idle time is also recorded. Incentive programs can be a very wise investment.

For more information on our joint incentive program, please take a moment and inquire here.


Engine Oils

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® SYNTHETIC BLENDS have been specially formulated to provide the ultimate in protection, reducing corrosive engine wear and extending the life of your engine. Your engine will run more efficiently , saving money and energy while offering a measurable improvement in fuel economy. The moly particles prevent metal surfaces from coming in contact with one another, especially during start-up or during extreme pressure conditions. Protection against extreme pressure means extended equipment life and reduced downtime expenses.

The pure and highly refined base stocks of MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III contribute to an oil with low oil volatility. Because of the base stock's ability to resist oxidation during high heat operation you use less oil due to consumption and evaporation. This means longer service life for the oil, reduced oil consumption yet better engine protection. MOLY PRO-SPEC® III SYNTHETIC BLEND base stock, along with an outstanding additive package, means no varnish, gum or sludge build-up on internal engine parts. This leads to extended equipment life and reduced operating cost.

Introducing our NEW Pro-Spec V Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil which provides five times better wear protection compared to the Detroit Diesel guidelines for cylinder liner wear protection.  In the Cummins ISM engine test, PRO-SPEC® V provided a significant improvement over other CK-4 oils in crosshead weight loss and for Mack engines, a 56% improvement in cylinder liner protection was seen.  By providing significant wear protection, PRO-SPEC® V can help your engine operate at maximum efficiency and provide the best solution for extended engine life.
A careful balance has been formulated into this exceptional oil to afford the best wear protection, while improving fuel economy through a lower high temperature high shear viscosity.
While PRO-SPEC® V affords the best wear protection, it also improves fuel economy by providing the right high temperature/high shear viscosity balance.

  • Backwards compatible diesel engine oil exceeding CK-4 designation
  • Provides superior protection against wear and oxidation
  • Improved shear stability and faster air release
  • Exceptional wear protection for your engine
  • Maximizes oil drain intervals
  • Provides the right balance formulated for optimum viscosity

Transmission lubes (Automatic)                                 Click here for specs

Special additives mixed in TRC TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC ATF enable this automatic transmission fluid to combat wear, rust, corrosion, leakage, foam, oxidation, and cold weather. While conventional automatic transmission fluids require frequent oil changes, and through poor lubrication actually reduce the service life of transmissions, TRC TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC ATF extends lubricant life and provides superior protection to the transmission.

Transmission lubes (Manual)

PRO-TAC IV Excel is designed to run longer, perform better, and extend the life of equipment. This begins with the superior base oils used to build this product and is completed with an industry best additive package. A lubricant is only as good as the parts used in its design, and TRC uses the best products available in the industry today.

Gearbox and axle lubes

MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE provides superior lubrication to gears which are not only precision units, but also expensive to replace considering the high cost of shop time, parts and disrupted schedules. Our high performance lubes are shown to reduce friction, absorb shock loads, reduce operating temperatures and extend re-lubrication cycles, plus extend the service life of both the lubricant and machines that operate under heavy loads.

Fifth wheel and all other grease points

MOLY PARAGON 3000 is an extreme pressure, multi-purpose, calcium-lithium complex base grease that is specially formulated for use in industries with applications that experience extreme conditions such as high shock loading, high heat, moisture, or areas where stability is needed. It is excellent for use on bearings, pins, bushings, cam and slide mechanisms, universal joints, chains, and chassis points.
MOLY PARAGON 3000 is compatible with most greases, meaning that it can help to reduce inventory requirements by completely replacing inferior greases.

*These recommended lubricants are an excellent choice for most applications. Many other high performance products are available here. For assistance in choosing the best lubricant for your application click here.